Carrot lets you video chat with people who have the expertise you need, when you need it.
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Connect to experts, celebrities and influencers

Get the guidance you need, when you want it, how you want it. All from the comfort of your couch. Carrot gets you video chatting with any expert in any field instantly. You pay only for the exact minutes you talk. Celebrities and social influencers are on Carrot as well.

You can find and video-chat anyone using Carrot.

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Leverage your expertise and status

Financial Advisor. Lawyer. Chef. Baby Expert. Celebrity. Social Influencer. Good Listener. No matter your area of expertise, you can offer up your time, either for pay or for free - you decide your own rate and availability. Even you'll be surprised by how much you have to offer.

Use your blog or other social presence to tell people to Carrot you, and we'll also be directing traffic your way.

Enjoy a seamless experience

We built Carrot to get people video-chatting in 10 seconds

  • Sign-up quickly and with no hassle.
  • Browse experts on Carrot or invite anyone to easily join.
  • Pay per minute, simply and transparently.
  • Video chat anyone in your social networks.

Experts and influencers

  • Set your rate easily and withdraw funds at ease.
  • Direct people to video chat you on Carrot by word of mouth.
  • Get targeted traffic courtesy of Carrot.
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